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Shruti’s firm has just clinched a major project from an industry giant. If they get it right, her firm will become established as a dependable service provider. For this critical project, Shruti’s firm gave her a 15-day deadline to hire a significant workforce with special skills in order to execute the project in time.

Shruti has access to technology to advertise and spread the word around but how will she go through hundreds of resumes and pick the best? She can reach out to 2-3 placement agencies to get the initial filtering done but she may not get the best quality and speed in time.

Just like Shruti, there are occasions when you need to onboard employees rapidly and may end up compromising on the quality of hires. Your solution lies with QuezX – a recruitment marketplace – that makes an urgent and crucial hiring decision quicker and well organised.

With our track record of generating the most relevant shortlists within 3 days (for 90% of JDs) and filling positions 2X faster, QuezX is a reliable partner in times of pressure.

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The Best Factors to Improve Retention and Reduce Attrition

“What! Another person resigned today?”
As a manager, you hate such nasty surprises. Especially when it comes to top talent or close to a critical project deadline. Though you are aware that no one is irreplaceable, yet resignation is a double whammy. The opportunity cost includes time and effort in finding a replacement as well as the loss in team output until a suitably trained, cultural match is found.
How much is attrition and what does it cost you? The attrition rate in India last year was 13.4% across all sectors but 44% of the workforce was actively looking to switch. It takes 47 days to fill a position 2  and then a couple of months to train and get a new employee on the same page as the team. Thus attrition costs you an average of 3.5 months of an employee’s output.
Then how to improve retention and reduce attrition?
According to a 2017 survey, 4 major factors leading to exits were:
1) Clear career advancement path (72%)
2) Competitive compensation package (57%)
3) Company culture (48%)
4) Improved work-life balance (47%)
Note that salary isn’t the biggest or only cause. 72% of people can be encouraged to stay through other methods.
1) Conduct ‘Stay interviews’
Address career advancement through this best practice that helps you identify issues which are causes of concern for employees and what motivates them. This can help you figure out policy changes when during
expansion or restructuring.
2) Train the boss
‘Employees don’t leave companies, they leave managers’. Train leaders on how to create a more amicable environment in the team and be more approachable. Employees feel motivated into teamwork and contribution. You address company culture issues through this
3) Flexible working hours
Address work-life balance issues with this tactic. A workplace with flexible working hours acts as a huge exit barrier to those in nuclear families juggling personal responsibilities. Show that you care for employees and they can then focus on their roles by trusting you to do the best for them.
Implementing these or similar initiatives will help you increase retention, reduce attrition and improve employee satisfaction. When there is attrition, let QuezX reduce your hiring time and improve the productivity of your company. Drop in a mail to
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How To Improve Employer Branding

‘Employer Brand’ is what makes an employee feel proud about your company. It is the general reputation of an employer and its value to its employees1.


If you are struggling to find and engage with good employees, then build your employer brand to solve the problem of:


1) Better employee retention
2) More number of suitable applicants
3) Better positioning than your competitors


Top brands such as Unilever, Shell and P&G started working on their employer image from 2008 onwards to become the preferred employer for top talent2.


How do you build a good brand image in 3 steps?3


1) Talk about your value proposition with employees in simple terms – this is based on your company culture, management style and current employee image.
2) Market value proposition to internal employees for better retention and engagement.
3) Market to job applicants to increase applicants and close the vacancy faster.


Simplicity – Instead of talking in abstract terms, clearly state the culture, management style and intangible offerings of the company. Document and publicize your mission and vision statement widely in the company. You thus create an environment that builds and maintains the culture. This guides workplace behaviour of employees and attracts candidates who are good and are a culture fit.


Psychological contract – When you market your value propositions, you establish a psychological contract with the employees and they are happier with their expectations of intangible benefits and social image. Employees with a positive psychological contract are happier, engaged, productive and stay longer with the company.


Top Tip – Have an elevator pitch for employees answering – ‘What does your company do for you?’.






3. Backhaus, K., & Tikoo, S. (2004). Conceptualizing and researching employer branding. Career Development International

Summary broadly based on the work ‘Attracting and Retaining Staff: The Role of Branding and Industry Image’ by Michelle Wallace, Ian Lings, Roslyn Cameron and Neroli Sheldon

How To Groom Future Team Leaders

So, you have a team of enthusiastic, competent individuals. But for growth, it is necessary that you groom future team leaders too. Here is how to:

1. Lead by your actions: This is the simplest and the most effective way. Your team will follow you as their team leader and soon the qualities that you want to see in the next team leaders will be the qualities you exhibit. So, be goal oriented, be supportive of others, be creative, the list is yours to create.

2. Invest in your team: This goes without saying. You must provide learning opportunities to your team. Book an hour every week for a self help session, or subsidize their higher education or enroll the team in a soft skills workshop.

3. Encourage them: Appreciate their efforts, applaud them when they achieve their targets. Encourage them to take risks, ask their opinions when making decisions so that they feel they are involved too. Encourage them to think out of the box and be innovative.

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Tuesday QnA: Session 10

It is Tuesday and we are back with our question and answer session where we answer the questions you ask us. So here are three questions we are answering in this post.  You can send us your questions as  comments on this post or even message us on our Facebook page.
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Q1.  I hear the phrase ‘Personal Branding’ being thrown around a lot in my professional circle. What is this Personal Brand and how do I get my own Personal Brand? 
A1  When you hear McDonalds, do you visualise a huge ‘M’ with the tagline “I’m loving it “? That is how your personal brand works. It allows other people to remember you and what you represent instantly.  In order to build your own personal brand, list down a few words that describe what you do and who you are precisely. What do you want to be recognised as? What is your target audience? Act in accordance with the answer to these questions and voila, you have your personal brand ready.
Q2. I am a fresher in the HR domain. What would your advice be when it comes to writing job descriptions?
A2  Start with jotting down the Job Title, Job Type, CTC and Job Location. Prepare a summary of what all the job duties entail. Also include the standards for performance. Add any specific requirements if necessary.
Q3.  What can I do for a smooth transition from college life to professional life?
A3.  Prepare yourself to put in continuous efforts at work till you achieve your targets. Modify your behaviour, dressing style etc. according to your workplace. Polish your communication skills. Also brush up on your software skills, especially MS Office Suite. Prioritize your tasks at work so that you can achieve some sort of work-life balance. Last but not the least, learn how to manage your finances so that you can actually make your salary last the whole month. Cheers!
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How To Reinvent Yourself Professionally

So maybe it is because you are contemplating a new job, or you are just looking for a change, a professional makeover is a phase that all professionals go through. Here is how to do it with sheer awesomeness:

1. Acquire new skills: This is an easy way to add a new dimension to your resume. If taking a sabbatical is not possible, enrol yourself in any long distance learning program, or request your superiors to be trained for another profile.

2. Be creative: Let your creative instinct guide you at work. Pour your creativity in your projects, come up with new ideas.  Present your work using handmade folders instead of power point slides, whatever works for you and is not over the top.

3. Network with new people: This is something that most people think to be unnecessary. The people you network with are also a part of your professional image. Remember, a man is known by the company he keeps. So meet new people, discuss new ideas. And if you can, mentor someone. You will learn a lot of new stuff this way.

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Dear Diary: Komal’s Day At QuezX

Okay, my day starts with rushing into the office.  I agree that punctuality has its merits and they are many, but I believe that the time that is productive is the time that is worth keeping track of.  In my opinion, the pillars of success are: keeping your morale high at all times, being open to challenges and building upon pre existing projects by infusing them with your own creativity to take them further.

Success for me, means going further and further, pushing all my limits and achieving higher targets every time. I believe that ambition is a good thing. Because ambition fuels me to reach for further achievements. For me motivations comes from receiving appreciation from my seniors. And I believe everyone must have that one undying source of motivation that rejuvenates one like the spring in the midst of harsh winter.

If I have to answer what I want to be, I would say that I want to reach to a place where others can look upon me and be inspired. And I want to get to that place as quickly as possible, because life is short. I want to be a leader, a leader by my own merit and a leader who requires no designation but inspires people to give their best just by being there.  Oh and if I could have my own personal genie, just like Aladdin had, that would be wonderful!

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The Fifth Year Wonder

In China, when they grow Bamboo, it grows in a very unusual fashion. Imagine a Chinese farmer sowing the bamboo seeds. Watering them, putting in fertilizers and taking care of the plant in every way possible but not a single sprout results. Then the second year comes by and the farmer continues to take care of the plant and sees no sprouts shooting from the ground yet. About time when the farmer should stop wasting his time, right? Wrong. The farmer continues and the third year passes by and the fourth one too.

Whoa! In the fifth year, like a magical wonder, the bamboo plant shoots up to greater than 80 feet.  It seems magical, but the little plant had worked hard to achieve what seems like a sudden success. It meticulously developed a complex root system and continued to grow under the ground. It was working while at the surface it seemed like this was going toi be a failure. And then, it all paid off. Without the hard work of the four years during which the plant developed its roots, it would have been nearly impossible to support the 80 feet height of the fifth year.

So, plan and take time in getting things right, working all of it to the minutest of the detail. patience and perseverance come together to form an unbeatable potion for success.

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Tuesday QnA: Session 8

It is Tuesday and we are back with our question and answer session where we answer the questions you ask us. So here are three questions we are answering in this post.  You can send us your questions as  comments on this post or even message us on our Facebook page.
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 Q1. Can you suggest some ways to enhance the creativity in my team?
A1. The best way to make your creative juices flow is to think about what else could have been. Look at the situation from as many other perspectives as possible.  Also you might try putting constraints on your situation like maybe trying to write an article in less than 100 words if you generally write 200-word articles.
Q2. How to balance a challenging professional lifestyle(one that requires me to stay away from home for almost half a month) with my personal life?
A2. Time Management is the mantra for you. Focus on getting quality time at home and that in turn will fuel you for getting to maximum productivity at work too. Think about work only at work. Out of office, focus on spending the time with maximum focus on getting relaxed and rejuvenated.
Q3. How important is socializing in the office?
A3. Studies have shown that it is beneficial to have a buddy at office. When you have harmonious relations with your colleagues, it boosts your productivity as a team and having friends at office makes your work a tad more interesting. So yes, socialize.
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Dear Diary: Kailash’s Day At QuezX

I believe in hard work, determination and unwavering focus to be the three pillars for professional success. This happens to be especially true for my own professional lifestyle. I work long hours, travel long hours and I work in a field where I have to work with a lot of people in one day.  So yes it sounds a tad more challenging but then all of it boils down to just one phrase: Time Management. My day at office starts with a lot of emails stacked up in my inbox. I categorize my emails in a prioritized manner so that my inbox practically acts as my to-do list.

I am new at a leadership role in my office and I believe in leading through example. I think it is very important to gel in with the team, building strong bonds within the team so that the team becomes one unstoppable force.  It is essentially my duty as the team leader  to point out their mistakes to my team members but I believe in doing so with empathy. At the same time it is absolutely vital to appreciate and applaud the team for each brilliant step they take, no matter how small it may be. I am currently working under the supervision of a manager who is younger to me in age. I think her enthusiastic energy is good for keeping our spirits high, but at the same time, she is an inspiration; I always tell her I want to be able to be in her shoes sometime soon.

I believe there is always room for improvement and the biggest change comes from within. I would really like to be able to channel  my aggression into professional efficiency and stay patient for a  longer time.  Funnily enough, I think it makes me like a bear. I am peaceful if there are no obstacles to  my goal but if there are hurdles, I do tend to knock them down with all my might.  I work with a lot of clients and in my opinion, to be a good service provider and enjoy client support, one must learn to think from the client’s perspective and build good, solid relationships with clients and good communication skills help a lot with this.

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